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The ramp area will be undergoing a three phase reconstruction process beginning May 14th, 2007. The following PDF file depicts the three phases of the project.

Project Diagram

NOTE: If you need a reader for this PDF file, you may download the free Adobe Reader.

The project time table is as follows:

Working Days
Phase 1
05/14/07 06/15/07
Phase 2
06/15/07 06/28/07
Phase 3
06/28/07 07/23/07
05/14/07 09/17/07

Phase one will restrict access to the majority of Austin Aeroflight's hangar space. We will be adjusting the placement of all aircraft to maintain the most efficient accomodations for our customers, however, will will not have access to any aircaft that are stored in the shop or middle bay hangars during this phase of construction.

Phase two is the most critical phase as it will be restricting access to all operations on the north end of the airfield. There will be no ramp or t-hangar access during this phase.

Phase three will have its greatest effect on the t-hangar occupants. There will be no access to the t-hangars during this phase.

Limited parking may be availabe in other locations on the field.All traffic must call to coordinate parking arrangements. Jet fuel and 100LL services will be available throughout the project.

For questions or concerns about this project, please call 507-433-1813 or e-mail us at info@austinaeroflight.com


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